Hormone Replacement Therapy


Our goal at Urgent Care of Grand Lake Oklahoma is to change the way healthcare is practiced on a global level through hormone optimization and precision and preventative medicine by using Biote. This approach is deeply rooted in our dedication to scientific and clinical research.

A Call for More Voices on Hormone Optimization
Originally developed in 1939 for women who underwent radical hysterectomies—and widely used in Europe and Australia—compounded bio-identical hormone pellet therapy is the longest studied form of hormone replacement therapy to date. Urgent Care of Grand Lake with the help of Biote seeks to be a leading industry voice for hormone optimization quality and access to information. Human hormones are inherently idiosyncratic, which means that patients (both Men and Women) need personalized, compounded solutions that offer more flexibility and accessibility than other forms of hormone therapy can offer. We are calling for more clinical research in the often misconstrued and underutilized field of hormone therapy and working to produce our own contributions to this burgeoning field by sharing our results gained from more than 2.5 million pellet insertions in just over a decade.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Pricing

Pre-pellet (Pre-Procedure) visit with labs $160
After procedure/pellet. (4 wks for men, 6 wks for women) $160
Procedure/Pellets for Women (4-5x a year depending on you) $340
Procedure/Pellets for Men (2-3x a year depending on you) $690

In addition to pellet placement, there are neutraceuticals that are needed for hormone optimization, and overall increased health.   These are an additional cost, that are discounted from ones you would buy on amazon.